Alliance University values our STEMS (science, technology, engineering, math, and statistics) programs. Each one is designed to give our students the necessary foundation for a career or further study in STEMS.

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies provides students with liberal-arts-based, cross-disciplinary programs which critically draw upon two disciplines and foster interdisciplinary thinking. Students also engage in interdisciplinary research, culminating in the writing of a 20-page paper that articulates the integration of disciplinary thought.

Why Study Interdisciplinary Studies with a Mathematics & Education Focus at Alliance University?

Alliance University offers its students numerous opportunities to work closely with faculty who serve as mentors. Our program provides a solid academic foundation and prepares students with both technical skills as well as communication skills. Interdisciplinary Studies students at Alliance University have access to the following:

  • Small classes with a focus on active learning to develop critical thinking skills
  • Authentic research opportunities beginning freshman year
  • Cutting-edge laboratory research
  • Emerging technology

Small Class Sizes

Cutting-Edge Lab Research

Emerging Technology

What Will I Study?

The Interdisciplinary Studies major at Alliance University offers students the opportunity to integrate two academic disciplines.

The Bachelor of Arts integrates two disciplines from the arts and sciences. The arts and science options include Bible, Biology, Intercultural Studies, English, Music, and Psychology.

The Bachelor of Science integrates one discipline from the arts and sciences with a professionally-oriented discipline. The professionally oriented options include Accounting, Business Administration, Communications, Childhood Education, Criminal Justice, Music Performance, Music and Worship, Nursing, Pastoral Ministry, and Social Work.

Students who wish to combine arts and sciences with Education will be advised through the Education office.

During their studies as an Interdisciplinary major…

  • Students will foster interdisciplinary thinking, engage in the process of interdisciplinary research, and participate in critical-analytical dialectic.
  • Students will acquire an appreciation of social pluralism and a global understanding of culture, people, and faith traditions through discipline-specific course options that emphasize global awareness and diversity of traditions.
  • Students will engage in critical interdisciplinary self-reflection.

Career Opportunities

Given that so many employers want a college-educated workforce, an associate degree opens the door to a wide variety of entry-level positions.

Our Graduates

Having acquired a range of skills in the areas of learning, research, critical thinking, and writing, graduates of our program are better qualified to respond to the demands of an increasingly competitive job market.



“The professors at Alliance University possess great subject knowledge and research experience, and bring that to the classroom to produce a great learning environment. In addition, they all find ways to incorporate their faith into their classes. Studying at Alliance University has really helped me to see that I can pursue my dream career and harmonize new research with my Christian faith.”

Katherine Oldfield

Class of 2016


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