Alliance University values our STEMS (science, technology, engineering, math, and statistics) programs. Each one is designed to give our students the necessary foundation for a career or further study in STEMS.

Biology is the study of life, and Alliance University’s Biology majors have the opportunity to dissect and contribute to the vast body of scientific knowledge as they study and understand this ever-changing field.

Why Study Biology at Alliance University?

Alliance University offers its students numerous opportunities to work closely with faculty who serve as mentors. Our program provides a solid foundation in the biological sciences and prepares students with both technical skills as well as communication skills. Biology students at Alliance University have access to the following:

  • Small classes with a focus on active learning to develop critical thinking skills
  • Authentic research opportunities beginning freshman year
  • Cutting-edge laboratory research
  • Emerging technology

Small Class Sizes

Cutting-Edge Lab Research

Emerging Technology

What Will I Study?

Our program provides a broad curriculum for students covering all aspects of life from molecular biology and genetics to ecology. Students have the opportunity to discover, name, and characterize new organisms through a cohesive laboratory research program. This work is presented at local, regional, and national conferences with opportunities to publish in research journals.

Students that complete the program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the core principles of the life sciences.
  • Think critically and apply the scientific method to design, analyze, and evaluate research.
  • Read biological literature, write proficiently, and communicate effectively using appropriate scientific terminology.
  • Develop the technical skills to be competent in the laboratory.
  • Be prepared for entry-level careers or graduate school.

Career Opportunities

A degree in Biology provides diverse career opportunities for students, varying from preparation for graduate school and health profession programs to private sector jobs and jobs in various governmental agencies. Here are a few examples:

  • Conservation/fieldwork
  • Health professions
  • Lab technician
  • Science education
  • Scientific research
  • Technical sales


“The professors at Alliance University possess great subject knowledge and research experience, and bring that to the classroom to produce a great learning environment. In addition, they all find ways to incorporate their faith into their classes. Studying at Alliance University has really helped me to see that I can pursue my dream career and harmonize new research with my Christian faith.”

Katherine Oldfield

Class of 2016


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