This four-year program culminates in a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music in Worship, and is designed especially for the Christian musician whose calling is in the music of the contemporary church or in the Christian recording industry. Students may continue in their studies toward Music in Worship Master’s and Doctoral Degrees at various institutions; however, they will find their four-year degree very applicable and helpful in future employment and ministry.

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4 Years

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Why Study Worship Music at Alliance University?

With a rich variety of majors and concentrations, the Music student at Alliance will receive the professional training he or she needs for success in the industry or ministry of music, as well as receiving strong spiritual support and mentoring on the way to graduation. Students learn their craft well and receive a high degree of encouragement which stands them in good stead in the very competitive field of music. Versatility is our watchword; versatility enhances employment and equips us for God’s work.

Industry Connections

Unique Concentrations

Focus on Craft

What Will I Study?

The degree, Bachelor of Science with Major in Music in Worship, is an intense program designed especially for those called to the music ministry in the contemporary church. It includes Core curriculum in the Liberal Arts as well as a rich curriculum in the music field.  Lessons, Ear Training/Sight Singing, Theory, and Ensemble are all included, together with lessons in the instrument of choice, conducting, and worship leading courses. Songwriting, accompanying, composition, and music technology courses serve to round out the program.

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor’s Degree in Music in Worship enhances your usefulness and employability in many areas, and gives you an opportunity to continue graduate studies in a fast-growing field. The degree prepares you for expertise in the following fields and many others:

  • Worship Leading, Choral Conducting, or Music Ministry
  • Vocal, instrumental, or keyboard solo or choral ministry
  • Private or Church School Music Teacher
  • Music Business
  • Studio assistant for Christian recording
  • Practitioners of Christian therapeutic music, with further study

Our Graduates

Graduates of the Music in Worship program include

  • Ministers of Music
  • Worship leaders
  • Seminary Students
  • Christian educators
  • Chaplains in the military service
  • Private and Public School Music Teachers




“Alliance University has been a facilitator, bridge-builder, co-creator, and authenticator in my development as a well rounded Christian servant, musician, and minister. Through loving acceptance and encouragement from my professors and personal determination to honor and please the Lord in my educational endeavors, I have seamlessly transitioned into the next stage of my life as a graduate, living productively and purposefully in life and Ministry for the glory of God and the eternal well-being of others. I could not ask for a better partner in this than Alliance University.”


Class of 2014

“I loved Alliance University’s School of Music! The classes offered for music in worship students were thorough. Some were very practical, like Church Music Administration and Choral Conducting. Some trained me to be a better musician, like Ear Training, Theory, and Voice. I can honestly say that all of them were fun! I’ve used so many things I learned at Alliance  over the past year while working in my church’s worship department.”


Class of 2015


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