The Bachelor of Music in Voice offers students the opportunity to pursue a degree which is focused upon historical and contemporary classical vocal music and which may include studies of the music of Jazz and Broadway. As in the case of every major, Voice has a strong biblical, academic, and theoretical foundation. Performance degrees represent the highest standards of professional studies, including the history, theory, pedagogy and practice of many genres of music.

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4 Years

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Why Study Voice at Alliance University?

  • Students who study Voice will have access to some of the finest venues and artists in the world, including some who are on our faculty.
  • Students will enjoy a valuable academic program which will give them versatility and opportunity in their future graduate program or career choices.
  • Students will be nurtured in a Christian atmosphere in which they will find encouragement on their way to fulfillment.
  • Students will have an opportunity to explore and perform many types of music and to study with top scholars within the context of a State-accredited private institution.
  • Students will make lifelong friends and important interconnections in the world of music in general and vocal music in particular.

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Located in NYC

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What Will I Study?

As a Voice Major, you will study the communication skills and vocal, instrumental, or keyboard skills which will enable you to have a long and fruitful career in your chosen field. Together with your Alliance University Core Curriculum, you will also study the history, methods, and practice of vocal performance, including:

  • Literature and Materials of Music (an integrated Music History, Theory Mathematics, Science, and cultural sequence)
  • Singer’s Diction
  • Conducting
  • Songwriting
  • Private lessons Voice
  • Vocal Pedagogy (how to teach singing)
  • Music Technology
  • Opera or Musical Theater performances

Additionally, you will travel and perform with elite music ensembles and you will be required to do a Junior Recital of approximately one-half hour in length and a Senior Recital of approximately one hour in length.

Career Opportunities

Students graduating with a BM Degree in Voice may be employed as solo or studio recording artists, studio technicians, church music ministers, graduate students in Performance or other related music areas. Graduates from our college enjoy such varied careers as opera singers, oratorio singers, conductors, composers, and vocal instructors.

Our Graduates

A number of our graduates have gone on to higher education in reputed graduate institutions and conservatories. Several of our graduates have a worldwide touring career. Some are music ministers at respected local churches; some teach in State and private colleges. Our graduates have shown the value of a versatile and creative Music program and continue to make us proud.

  • Professional Opera Singers
  • Jazz Singers
  • Church Soloists
  • Broadway Performers
  • Gospel Artists
  • Radio/Television/Film Actors
  • Recording Artists
  • College Professors
  • Artistic Managers
  • Private Studio Teachers
  • Freelance Performers




“When I arrived at Alliance University’s School of Music in spring of 2012, I certainly could not anticipate all the loved and support that I would receive throughout my college career. As a budding singer in the highly competitive world of classical music, I expected the atmosphere to be cutthroat and volatile to anyone who didn’t have their life together, and I surely didn’t have my life together. Instead, I was surprised to find comfort and support under the leadership of Dr. Sue and Dana Talley, who went out of their way to ensure that my college career would be as smooth and successful as possible. I found a second mother in my vocal instructor, Williana Mack, as she covered me with her prayers and tough love. And the icing on the cake: I was surrounded by a multitude of peers from all walks of life, all willing to love and pray for one another and learn from each other. I cannot promise that one’s college career will be without obstacles, but I can say that ALliance University’s School of Music is a great place to overcome those hurdles and grow academically, spiritually, and musically.”


Class of 2016

“Alliance University is more than just my Alma Mater; it represents change, hope, and a spiritual home. I came to Alliance University NYC as an inexperienced young man who didn’t really know which career path to choose, but I had an ardent desire to serve God and touch people. During my three years at the school I made lifelong friends, experienced God’s power through music and service and became a better man. There are many conservatories that can teach one to become a musician, but few places will teach to become a light, a mentor, a servant and messenger, and a man of faith at the same time.”


Class of 2009

“My experience at Alliance University has stretched me in many ways. I have been challenged to strive for musical excellence and honor God with my abilities. Though God has gifted me a musical talent, I am responsible for being a good steward and growing. Alliance University’s School of Music has enabled me to recognize this and be a light to the world.”


Class of 2015


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