The Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Performance offers students the opportunity to pursue a degree which is focused upon historical and contemporary classical instrumental music and which may include studies of the music of Jazz. As in the case of every major, Instrumental Performance has a strong biblical, academic, and theoretical foundation. Performance degrees represent the highest standards of professional studies, including the history, theory, pedagogy and practice of many genres of music.

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4 Years

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Why Study Instrumental Performance at Alliance University?

  • Students who study Instrumental Performance will have access to some of the finest venues and artists in the world, including current faculty.
  • Students will enjoy a valuable academic program which will give them versatility and opportunity in their future graduate program or career choices.
  • Students will be nurtured in a Christian atmosphere in which they will find encouragement on their way to fulfillment.
  • Students will have an opportunity to explore and perform many types of music and to study with top scholars within the context of a State-accredited private institution.
  • Students will make lifelong friends and important interconnections in the world of music in general and music of their chosen instrument in particular.

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What Will I Study?

As an Instrumental Performance Major, you will study the communication skills and the instrumental skills which will enable you to have a long and fruitful career in your chosen field. Together with your Alliance University Core Curriculum, you will also study the history, methods, and practice of instrumental performance, including:

  • Literature and Materials of Music (an integrated Music History, Theory Mathematics, Science, and cultural sequence)
  • Jazz/Gospel Harmony
  • Conducting
  • Composition
  • Private lessons in your chosen instrument
  • Instrumental Pedagogy (how to teach your instrument)
  • Music Technology
  • Accompanying or Chamber Music

Additionally, you will perform with elite music ensembles and you will be required to do a Junior Recital of approximately one-half hour in length and a Senior Recital of approximately one hour in length.

Career Opportunities

Students graduating with a BM Degree in Instrumental Performance may be employed as solo or studio recording artists, church musicians, graduate students in Performance, or private teachers. The Degree enables them to go on to graduate school.

Our Graduates

A number of our graduates have gone on to higher education in reputed graduate institutions and conservatories. Several of our graduates have a worldwide touring career. Some are music ministers at respected local churches; some teach in State and private colleges. Our graduates have shown the value of a versatile and creative Music program and continue to make us proud.

  • Soloist
  • Private Studio Owner/Teacher
  • Studio Musicians
  • Orchestral Musician
  • Freelance Performer
  • Professor of Music




“Alliance University has been much more than a school for me. It has been an extended family that has always offered me support and encouragement I needed as a student. Alliance University offered me an experienced and professional faculty that helped me with my doubts, pushed me to reach my highest potential, supported my many quixotic projects as a performer, and gave me the crucial opportunity to learn by teaching others. All of the opportunities Alliance University offered have guided me to make the necessary academic and professional decisions needed to achieve excellence in these fields. It enabled me to project my career as a musician and academic, and hs given me the opportunity to give back to the Alliance University community as an adjunct professor in the present term. God’s plan in my life has put Alliance University at the center as the place where many of my blessings have originated. I hope all of the current and future students see how fortunate they are to be in this institution and pray to continue being part of this wonderful project.”


Class of 2009

“I treasure my time at the Alliance University School of Music. I developed as a musician and a person thanks to my classes, wonderful professors, and friends. Alliance University provided what I needed to take my next step in my career and go to graduate school.”


Class of 2009


“Our Faculty are great human beings and wonderful Christian professors. They were very supportive and helped me by encouraging me to learn, be my best, and work hard. They were great mentors and put a lot of time and effort into assisting me with study and my life. So, I would like to say thank them for giving me the experience to help me grow in many ways. I am what I am because of you and your faith in me. I can now share it where I now work.”


Class of 2012


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