The Bachelor of Arts with Major in Music Degree consists of a strong Music program with a broad range of additional academic studies. Students in this program will take many of the classes, ensembles, and private lessons which are available to those in the Bachelor of Music Degree programs. Graduates with the BA in Music Degree may continue their studies in Music or in other Liberal Arts programs, or work in a variety of related fields.

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Why Study Music at Alliance University?

The Bachelor of Arts with Major in Music is a substantial, but versatile major that provides a foundation for graduate studies in music and related fields. Bachelor of Arts students choose this program because of its broad spectrum of musical and academic experience.

  • Solid academic program
  • Has a generous elective component that permits further study in music, bible, and liberal arts as desired
  • Comprehensive music learning but lighter requirements than those in the Performance program
  • Provides a platform from which to enter music and related fields, as a performer or scholar, as a teacher, music therapist, studio musician, or other professional
  • Gives the option of choosing a concentration in Jazz Performance, Broadway Performance, or Collaborative Piano Performance

Unique Concentrations

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What Will I Study?

During the Freshman year, students take Core academic courses, Applied Lessons, either instrumental or voice, piano class as needed, Theory lessons at the appropriate entering level, and an ensemble. Since the first year is virtually identical in all majors, they may proceed as BA students with a similar program and electives in subsequent years, or they may elect a different music program. The following outlines the program goals:

  • Excellent learning opportunities in music theory, history, and performance
  • Comprehensive Liberal Arts education in all fields, as invaluable career preparation
  • Spiritual development throughout both Music and Bible core courses
  • Course options including international study and service learning

Career Opportunities

Students graduating with a B.A. Music degree will be able to pursue their career in music or related fields, some requiring further specialization, such as Music Education. Depending upon their area of specialization, graduates may:

  • Teach private lessons or continue their studies toward public-school accreditation
  • Work in churches as pastoral assistants, soloists, or instrumentalists
  • Work in studios or artists’ venues in a variety of careers
  • Continue their studies toward Master’s Degree, leading to a career in therapeutic music, applied music and performance, Music Education, or many other fields.

Our Graduates

The Bachelor’s Degree in Music has been popular and successful at Alliance University. We have found that Music BA students graduating from Alliance University have acquired the confidence and expertise to enter many satisfying and prestigious careers, thanks to the versatility of this program. Our BA Graduates are working in the following fields and many more, some (but not all) having continued for advanced degrees in Education, Pastoral Ministry, or Music Therapy:

  • Education: Principals, Music teachers, Special Education teachers, teachers in Christian schools,
  • Private teachers affiliated with Christian schools (needing no advanced degrees)
  • Psychology: Music Therapy, Counseling and Psychiatry (after earning advanced degrees)
  • Studio musicians (earning more because of degree training, ability to sight read)
  • Church musicians, worship leaders, music pastors
  • Jazz performers and recording artists
  • Music Classroom Teachers, public schools



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