Alliance University’s Pastoral Ministries department equips men and women to successfully serve the church and not-for-profit organizations locally and globally. We also prepare students to be ministers in the workplace in any professional context. We focus on the well-rounded development of our students in the areas of attitude, knowledge, and skill so that they graduate equipped with the following: an understanding of their unique calling and gifting; the ability to lead with a servant’s heart; a deep understanding of the Bible; healthy emotional, physical, and relational habits; spiritual maturity and passion; and the desire to apply biblical principles to every area of their life.

Why Study Pastoral Ministry at Alliance University?

Our program is not just for students who are preparing for traditional Christian ministry in a church or parachurch organization. We also equip students who want to be more effective ministers in their community, family, secular work environment, and beyond.

Alliance University offers a Christian, academic environment where you can acquire and hone the skills needed for ministry in any context. You’ll gain a well-rounded education that will serve you in whatever ministry or industry you pursue. You’ll also form lifelong friendships that will support you in your future endeavors.

Experienced Professors

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What Will I Study?

Aside from your core requirement coursework, you will take ministry classes such as Pastoral Counseling, Divine Healing, Preaching/Homiletics, Introduction to Pastoral Ministry, Church Planting, Leadership and Mentoring, Spiritual Formation, and an array of courses focusing on the Bible.

Career Opportunities

Alliance University’s BS in Pastoral Ministry can be a stepping stone to an M.Div. or a ministerial license with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (or a different denominational body). Our graduates are equipped to use their gifts serving in a church (e.g., as a minister, musical minister, youth minister, education director, pastor, elder, deacon, or trustee) and a wide range of secular outlets. This degree is a large step on the path of growth and service.

Our Graduates

Many of our graduates have gone back to their secular jobs and gotten promotions in their field.  However, many have also gone on to become missionaries, pastors, teachers, or leaders in a church or denomination. A few have even started their own church or joined a parachurch ministry. Whether our graduate choose to work in their local church, the business community, or the social sector, they leave our program prepared to serve.


Missional Living: Designed for students who desire to specialize in a ministry of evangelism, disciple making, and church planting. May be taken both as a terminal program and as preparation for graduate studies.

Leadership and Preaching Concentration: Designed for students who feel a call to lead through the preaching ministry. A special focus is given to the development of the young leader. May be taken both as a terminal program and as preparation for graduate studies.

Pastoral Counseling Concentration: Designed for students who are interested in counseling within the local church or para-church organization. May be taken both as a terminal program and as preparation for graduate studies.

Worship and the Arts Concentration: Designed for students with a call to worship ministries within the local church and beyond. A theology and practical philosophy of worship will be developed which includes preaching, music, drama, dance and the recapturing of all the arts for the Glory of God. May be taken both as a terminal program and as preparation for graduate studies.



“Alliance University has professors that go above and beyond the call of duty. I could come and talk to them about anything. They invested in my life. And that’s what I really appreciated. These teachers, they care—they care.”

Roxanne M. Y. Caleb

Class of 2015 Valedictorian


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