Walking in Faith: Spiritual Formation and Personal Growth on the Camino de Santiago

March 23, 2023

This semester, Drs. Ron and Wanda Walborn have been excited to lead a unique course called Spiritual Pilgrimage, culminating with a journey to Spain from June 6-16. This bi-annual trip has been a source of significant growth and transformation since 2018. This year, twenty one participants will take part in the journey to Spain, led by the Walborns.

Throughout their ten-day journey, participants will get the chance to experience spiritual formation in an enriching environment. Each day starts with a centering devotional and meditation, allowing them to dive deeper into the spiritual aspects of their pilgrimage. 

They also plan to explore Spain’s historic Camino de Santiago, thoughtfully connecting with the people, places, and stories that exist along the way. Readings, lectures, and assignments will help them discover how personal transformation is possible through spiritual pilgrimage. 

When asked about the pilgrimage, Ron said, “This course is not only about the physical journey but also about inner transformation. I’m encouraged to see everyone explore ways that spiritual formation can occur during a pilgrimage.”

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