Faculty Highlights

Spring 2021 Recap of Faculty Achievements

June 23, 2021

Dr. Anna Locke, a mental health counseling professor at Nyack’s Alliance Graduate School of Counseling (AGSC), co-authored a new textbook, Introduction to 21st Century Counseling: A Multicultural & Social Justice Approach with Dr. Kent Butler and Dr. Joel Filmore. She shares, “We were embarking on new territory with this book, and I like to be a pioneer—especially with a project that has the potential to positively enhance the counseling profession. This is an introduction to counseling textbook that will be used in graduate programs across the nation to orient students to the field.”

New to this aspect of publishing, and at the time of engaging in the writing project with her mentors, Dr. Butler and Dr. Filmore, Dr. Locke was also a new member of the Nyack faculty. She had just completed her doctoral program in counselor education and supervision and was mentoring two graduate students (one, an AGSC student) who co-wrote one chapter of the textbook.

“Giving back and helping others rise up is one of the guiding principles of social justice. I was proud and humbled to participate in this project and to publish my first textbook that was personally transforming and socially relevant.”

Dr. Locke also published an article in the Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision, entitled “Surviving the rollercoaster: The professional identity development of Latinx doctoral students in counseling.”

Dr. Jacqueline Washington, Nyack College Biology and Chemistry Chair and professor, was named Chair of the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) four-year section. In this role she is responsible for overseeing all college level activity of the organization and for coordinating initiatives with the NABT national executive board and the Executive Director. One of the major projects of the four-year section will be to review and update Evaluation Guidelines for undergraduate biology programs used by institutions nationwide. She will also play an integral role in the annual Inclusive Teaching Symposium scheduled take place in the fall of 2021.

Dr. Anderson Yoon, Nyack School of Social Work professor, is the co-author of an article, “Barriers and Facilitators for Mental Health Service Use Among Racial/Ethnic Minority Adolescents: A Systematic Review of Literature” in Journal: Frontiers in Public Health, (Children and Health section). According to findings reported in the journal abstract, “Mental disorders represent serious public health concerns in the U.S. Compared with Whites, racial/ethnic minority adolescents are more likely to be affected by mental disorders but less likely to use mental health services. This systematic review aimed to summarize factors related to mental health service use among minority adolescents in the U.S. as identified in previous research.” Read the article in its entirety.

Congratulations to our extraordinary faculty members for their contributions to advancing scholarship in their respective disciplines.

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