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Paul Nevill Visits WNYK to Preview Data Analytics Bootcamp

May 16, 2022

Paul Nevill, Director of Academic IT and Data Analytics Programs at Nyack College says that “Data is found everywhere. Pictures, music, words. It all comes back to data.” Enter the Data Analytics Bootcamp. The Information Technology Program in partnership with the Manhattan Institute of Management (MIM) is ready to advance your career and boost your marketable skills. Starting June 1, Nyack College will launch its first ever Data Analytics Bootcamp.

The Data Analytics Bootcamp will be a “very immersive experience.” Students will gain 15 credits and a letter of completion at the end of the program.

What to Expect from the Bootcamp:

  • Program Length: 12 weeks (Class begins June 1.)
  • Cost: $15,000 
  • Prerequisites: College-level algebra, an associate degree or at least one year of college, and a rudimentary understanding of statistics
  • Enrollment in this program will qualify you for a student visa.

The Data Analytics Bootcamp Curriculum will teach:

  • Coding, database, and mathematical techniques 
  • Fundamentals of working with big data
  • Python, SQL Database, and Microsoft Power BI

The Benefits of New York City

The Data and Analytics Bootcamp will be taking place at Nyack College right by the Financial District of Manhattan. Opportunity knocks. “We have JP Morgan, Brown Brothers Harriman, and Amazon right around the corner. That’s huge for us and our students. We really want to gain relationships with these businesses for the purpose of potential internships for our Nyack College students.” The credentials gained upon the completion of the program may help a student land a job within the first 6 months. Some employment opportunities that students will be qualified for include a Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, and a Data Analyst.

“Analytics are everywhere. We are in New York City. It’s an opportunity to touch the five boroughs. It’s a great place to be.”  

Don’t miss out on the Data Analytics Bootcamp.

To catch the complete interview with Paul Nevill tune into WNYK Warrior Radio on Tuesday, May 17 at 1:00 p.m. 

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