Office of Student Development Staff Train New Student Leaders

January 26, 2022

“Finding ways to develop our students outside of the classroom is the lifeblood of the Office of Student Development,” says Yolanda Jean-Pierre, Nyack College Small Group Coordinator.

jean pierre yolanda RESIZED

Yolanda Jean-Pierre

Who could have more intimate knowledge of the importance of leadership training than someone like Yolanda who has earned degrees at Nyack College (BS ’13) and at Alliance Theological Seminary (M.Div. ’18)?

Ahead of the spring semester, she was joined by Residence Life professional staff members—Director of Residence Life, Louis Sanchez; Micayla Brodish, Student Engagement Coordinator along with Resident Directors, Stephen Locke and Nehanda Thom—for student leader training.

“Training usually takes place before the beginning of each semester with student leaders, club presidents, resident assistants, student engagement leaders and small group leaders,” explains the alumna, who during her years as a student, enthusiastically invested time and commitment to her alma mater.

Ten commuter and residential students participated in the recent virtual session to become familiar with their roles in various areas of campus life. Important topics explored were “Effective Communication,” “Working as a Supervisor” and “Qualities of a Good Leader.”

Three female and two male Resident Assistants (RA) support the work of the professional Residence Life staff to serve the 176 students who live at the Jersey City, NJ Residence Hall, known fondly as “The Bay.”
This training session was especially significant in light of the major undertaking of moving to the New Jersey facility and navigating the state and federal restrictions on gathering imposed by COVID-19.

“It was great to have an official leadership training that included more than just RAs. It’s been a while since we have been able to train all of our student leaders together.”

The spirit of the Student Development Office is a genuine reflection of Nyack’s holistic care and concern for the welfare of the young men and women who seek more than a degree, which results in personal transformation.

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