Nyack Women Warriors Earn 2021-2022 CACC Sportsmanship Award

December 19, 2021


Humility. Fair play. Respect. Team spirit. Integrity. These are just some of the reasons that qualified Nyack College Women Warriors to be #1 in the fall season standings to earn the 2021-22 Women’s Sportsmanship Award. Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference Commissioner Dan Mara announced the result of season end voting on cross country, soccer and volleyball teams.

Head coaches vote on their respective sport after getting feedback from their student-athletes about opposing teams in the 13-institution NCAA Division II conference. Commissioner Mara reported that the Warriors have an average score of 31.67. Nyack’s volleyball team, under the leadership of Head Coach Raquel Shaffer won the Sportsmanship Award with 60 points.
Beyond demonstrating the traits associated with commendable conduct, Coach Shaffer shares how Nyack volleyball players distinguish themselves.

“As Christians we are called to love God and love others. This generation is struggling with anxiety, depression and self-worth. As a team, we take the time to pray and encourage the other team by writing them personal notes that speak directly to those insecurities. We share the love and comfort God gives us with a simple word of encouragement that our opponents can reflect on at any time. We don’t just see our opponents as competition. We see them as women who are trying to make their way in the world just like us and we want them to be strong and feel loved.”

Congratulations to Nyack Women Warriors who carry on the legacy of leadership!

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