Nyack/ATS Trustee William Beatty Visits Business Students

March 25, 2022

Nyack College students have the advantage of being taught by a distinguished faculty that is accomplished and respected by their peers.

RESIZED boronow gordon

Dr. Gordon Boronow

Faculty members like Dr. Gordon Boronow, an associate professor in School of Business and Leadership, are intentional about inviting guest speakers so that students have exposure to professionals in their areas of interest. Though the pandemic did prevent the professor’s practice of inviting classroom guest speakers, recently he able to welcome Nyack/ATS Board of Trustee member, William Beatty, to his senior business capstone course, Business Policy and Strategic Management.

Mr. Beatty’s career as a CPA includes some 25 years as an executive on Wall Street and five years in the insurance industry in Zurich, Switzerland. Today, he is the chief risk officer of a fintech company in Jersey City, New Jersey. Trustee Beatty shared from his wealth of knowledge in the corporate world and on a personal level, shared his faith journey with the students.

This particular class offered an opportunity for students to use practical application of the knowledge gained in the course. They divided into teams to develop a business or app that would ultimately encourage customers to save and invest in a charity of their choice. In a “Shark Tank-like” format, teams presented their ideas and students cast votes for a winner.

The impressive ideas pitched included:

• Middleman, a foreign currency exchange for experts in various disciplines to provide advice to consumers
• The Bridge, creative access to the Metaverse to include digital storefronts
• All Star Investors, an opportunity to invest in sports stars from soccer, baseball, basketball, where the “value” of the stars would rise or fall according to their performance.
• Cherry Trade, encouragement for clients to save in various investing vehicles to create the mix and balance of stocks and bonds for others to choose, depending on performance. Ten percent of revenue would be set aside for different charities chosen by the global customer base.

All Star Investors was voted the winning team. Mr. Beatty commented on another winning trait of the young people he met during his visit.

“This class represents all that Nyack College is to Christian higher education: a global representation from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Hawaii, South Africa, China, Germany, Spain and Colombia.”

Not only was he impressed by the global origin of the young men and women, but he acknowledged the back drop to their diligent pursuit of their studies. “These students are a unique class of seniors who were the first to relocate from the Rockland campus to New York City; were forced to study remotely for two years because of the pandemic and are currently living during a time when a war is raging in Europe.

The great exchange of Trustee Beatty’s visit was that students received invaluable insight from him. In complete transparency, he admits, “I was humbled to speak in Dr. Boronow’s class and left encouraged by this generation of people who will soon enter the corporate world with a Nyack College degree. I commend Dr. Boronow for investing in these young men and women and for creating such a powerful memory for me.”

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