National Nurses Week Spotlight: Nyack’s Lateisha Beasley

May 11, 2022

Lateisha Beasley has worked in the healthcare field for 14 years—at times as a nursing assistant, a phlebotomist, and for the last seven years, as a Licensed Practical Nurse. That’s just the beginning of what has silenced the naysayers who stigmatized her as a 17-year-old high school student who had “no direction and not much promise.” The doubters were clueless about God’s plan for her to use her gifting of compassion and comfort some 1,400 miles away from her home state of Louisiana.

Since 2018, when Lateisha and her husband moved to New York, she has been overwhelmed by doors that God has opened for her—especially the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Nyack College. After serving in the areas of general surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics and mental health, today she is also Nyack’s campus nurse.

Nurse Lateisha and students“The most satisfying aspect of serving as the campus nurse is the gratitude and excitement students have shown as they learn that I am on campus. I had a student who was not feeling well and had classmates ask if I would pay her a visit. While on the scene, many who were present expressed how glad they were to know that they have someone to call if they have a problem or even questions regarding their health. Since then, I have been able to build relationships with students and take what I have learned these last 14 years and pour it out for the greater good of a community. I get to watch students grow and change.”

Healthcare for Lateisha means more than administering first aid and preventative care for students. They can also go to her for information on health care resources that are free or affordable. She loves being able to teach about self-care and maintaining good health. “The Wellness Café” she hosted this spring was a fun and insightful event that introduced students to a variety of hot teas and their medicinal qualities. The consummate teacher, Nurse Lateisha is already developing plans for more informational events on preparing healthy meals, step-counting, water intake challenges and encouraging workout partners.

One thing distinguishes her role at Nyack from other environments where she has served.

“I have worked in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare settings, and while I have loved my job and provided excellent care, there was really no investment or connection past my time on the clock. Once my patients were discharged, many I would never see again. Working at Nyack College is not only an opportunity to help and work with the students, but as a student myself, I am serving a community that I am a part of. Each person I help is a fellow classmate or is in some way connected to the school. I love so much that Christ is the center and motivator of what we say and do. In this setting affecting change is up close and personal.”

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