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Meet Rachel Marie Kang | Writer, Editor, Artist, Creative Coach

July 25, 2022

“Perhaps in no other way do we more vibrantly reflect our Creator than with our creativity,” says 2011 Nyack alumna Rachel Marie Kang. “Your art is not peripheral to life—it is the very heart of why you exist and what you have to offer to yourself and to the world.”

With her work featured in Christianity Today, Proverbs 31 Ministries and (in)courage, the writer, editor, artist, and creative coach practices what she preaches.

Her new book Let There Be Art: The Pleasure and Purpose of Unleashing the Creativity Within You, will be released by Revell (an imprint of Baker Publishing Group) in October 2022. With booming preorders for the book’s debut, it has spent time in the #1 slot for Amazon’s new releases in popular psychology, creativity and genius.

Rachel’s book targets a broad spectrum of creatives. She says, “Whether through music, writing, baking, painting, posting on social media, dancing, or any other form of artistic expression within our grasp, we were created to create. Yet, there are times we may be unsure about our art, times when our creating and making doesn’t feel possible or purposeful or practical.”

Offering encouragement for the unsure writer, Rachel founded an online community, Fallow House. This safe space for a diverse audience of men and women, young and mature gives them a platform for free expression. Fallow House is where the New York-born evangelist of creativity joins her audience to explore their deepest thoughts.

“I come alive whenever I create space that cultivates calm and creativity, and have been using writing and journaling techniques as a method of reflective engagement in group facilitation for over ten years. I have seen the healing and empowering impact that soulful, artful release can have on the human heart—from a room full of college students, to a virtual screen full of seeking souls, to a half-way home full of middle-aged women in crisis.”

Looking for a way to unleash your untapped creativity? Rachel Kang has penned a plan for you. Start by previewing a free copy of the first chapter here.

Congratulations and continued success, Rachel!

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