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Lauren Lebo: From the Lacrosse Field to the Medical Field

June 20, 2022

Lauren Lebo is an Assistant Professor in the Nursing Department. She’s also a Nyack College Lacrosse legend. Lauren is in the NCAA Record Books for scoring 15 goals in one game against Felician College in 2016. She finished her lacrosse career with 234 points, and is Nyack’s leader in Draw Controls and Caused Turnovers. She left her mark on the Lacrosse program, and was there from the very beginning.   

Inaugural Lacrosse Season

Athletics were a major part of Lauren’s upbringing. The daughter of an Athletic Director, she played multiple sports growing up. “We would just pick up sports equipment that we found and just start playing around. I played soccer mostly. And then basketball. In middle school I started playing lacrosse. My dad was a lacrosse coach, and I fell in love with the sport.” Lauren’s dad, familiar with Nyack College’s Soccer Program, had heard that a new lacrosse program was on the horizon. “My dad checked in with Nyack’s Athletic Director Keith Davie, and he confirmed lacrosse was coming. We made the connection, and that’s how I was part of the program from the beginning.” 

Balancing Lacrosse and the Nursing Program

Lauren is very passionate about sports, but she also takes education very seriously. The Nursing Program, while extremely fulfilling, also takes a lot of dedication. “It took balance, and a lot of work. I wanted to be the best lacrosse player that I could be, while also trying to graduate in nursing. There was some prioritizing. Not being able to go out sometimes. I know at times that my friends would go out for fun, and I would just go to the library.” Lauren believes that being an athlete actually helped her in the classroom. “I wouldn’t have done so well in nursing without lacrosse. It helped regulate me. Helped me have some balance, got me on top of my work and have a set schedule.” 

Family Atmosphere

Lauren absolutely loved her time in the Nyack lacrosse program. One of the aspects that stood out to her was the culture. “It goes back to the beginning with coach Reiss. It’s been a focus of the program. That you have each other’s backs on and off the field.” Some of Lauren’s best friends have come from her time as an athlete at Nyack. “Even when lacrosse gets taken away you have those friendships.” She believes it was the family oriented atmosphere that helped her get through the Nursing program as well. “Another player that was on the team was in the nursing program. I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without her.” Even when Lauren was done as a player she stayed on a year as a volunteer Assistant Coach. She eventually became the Head Coach. “I loved coaching lacrosse at Nyack. I loved being able to see growth from the players. Just being able to practice a skill and then see them get it. See them use it in the game. I loved working with the students.” Lauren made sure the strong culture that was there from the beginning, was a mainstay. “Just being able to feel free to talk about your faith. And to pray. Tackling problems on and off the field. I would’ve loved to continue coaching, but as I got older I had to focus on nursing.”   

Impact on the Field and the Classroom

Lauren hung up her lacrosse cleats for a stethoscope, where she is now an Assistant Professor for our School of Nursing. “It’s super exciting. I get to be more involved, and just be on campus more. I really enjoy it.” The culture that she learned through Nyack lacrosse is one that she’s trying to bring to the classroom. This is aided with the fact that she’s a graduate from the Nyack Nursing Program. “From an educational standpoint I try to look at it from both a professor and a student perspective. I want to foster their growth. See where they’re at, and help them along.” Lauren’s legacy at Nyack College began with the inaugural lacrosse season, and she’s glad to keep adding to it. “Just to be a part of what Nyack College stands for. It’s really exciting for me.”

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