School of Social Work

Kathy Salezar’s Heartfelt Reflection on Receiving Her Award

November 1, 2022

“Receiving this citation award has meant a lot to me emotionally, professionally, and spiritually.  Embarking on this journey to obtain my Master’s has given me so much incentive to pursue new goals in my personal life as well as my professional career.

“When I was nominated by my internship supervisor for this award, I had to write about why I chose social work as a career and what rewards I got from it. So, my thoughts were: social work is a passion that brings a lot of spiritual uplift. Knowing that my hard work is recognized as a social worker proves to me that I chose the right path to serve. I am delighted I chose this field where I can grow as an individual making a difference in the lives of those I helped. “When I read what my supervisor wrote, I said to myself ‘wow, God definitely works in mysterious ways.’  I never thought that my journey through Alliance University was going to help me change my spiritual perspective in life and my relationship with God and how everything I do must involve Him. I could not imagine this journey without all the angels God has put in my path to guide me through. I am very thankful for having Nancy Rivera, LCSW, SIFI as my internship supervisor. She is one of the many angels I have. She has definitely made the road easier. Knowing that God used me as an instrument for her to make her own spiritual connection with Him shows how God chooses people for His work. I believe those chosen by God to do His work on earth are disciples. With Jesus being the first social worker, we have the best example to follow. I have to agree with Ms. Rivera, the book Compassion changed me and my way of thinking. I’m glad it did the same for her. We cannot do social work without compassion and empathy, and we learned that through the book. I’m glad that I helped Ms. Rivera changed her spiritual perspective as well as her relationship with God.

“As a future graduate, I am thankful that I am leaving a door open for future students of Alliance University to do their internships at Voces Latinas. I know finding a field placement where they can accommodate the students’ needs is hard, and I’m glad I found so much support at Voces.  I agree with Ms. Rivera where she says there is a difference between the AU social work program and other institutions. As Alliance students, we have empathy for the world. We are compassionate for our brothers and sisters. Most importantly, we follow the best role model: Jesus.

“I also envision Ms. Rivera as part of the Alliance Faculty Staff. She has so much compassion and empathy for her community. She is resilient and has so much knowledge and experience that she would be a valuable addition to the Alliance University faculty. As a professional, she has an extensive background to teach future social work students; the students will be blessed to have a mentor like her.

“Finally, I feel honored and humbled that I have accomplished so much during my three years at Alliance University.  This recognition I received is not only for me but also for my fellow classmates and Alliance University. I want Alliance University to be recognized as one of the best universities of social work and to stand out. I hope this citation of honor for serving others with love and compassion can start a new relationship with Voces Latinas and AU and for this recognition to be the beginning of many other rewards awarded to Alliance students.

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