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Katherine Class (‘17) Named to Maverick City Music’s NYC Choir

June 1, 2022

Katherine Class, a 2017 School of Music graduate has already performed at both Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, and has recently been added to Maverick City Music’s NYC Choir. She’s also currently enrolled in Bethel Music College in their mentorship program for worship leaders and songwriters. All of these amazing opportunities wouldn’t have been possible without Nyack College. 

A Perfect Fit

When deciding which college to attend, Katherine, a newly saved Christian, wanted to find an institution where she could be “edified spiritually.” Nyack College felt like the perfect fit when she found out that it had a strong School of Music Program. “I thought to myself, this is exactly what I want to do, where I want to be, and I tried it out.” Katherine knew right away that she made the right choice. “There was a drive and passion for music. It created unity and community. It felt like home. Like you were part of a greater story.” What really stood out to Katherine was the diversity at Nyack. “In the Chorale you have all of these different voices with different backgrounds. You hear these individual nuances, tones, and all these diverse voices come together to create a beautiful atmosphere.”

Performing at NYC Iconic Musical Venues

One of the many highlights for Katherine during her time at Nyack was being able to perform alongside the Chorale at Lincoln Center. “I was in awe. It was glorious. I always dreamt of it. Just the acoustics. Beautiful.” Thanks to a Nyack College connection, Katherine was also able to recently perform at the famed Carnegie Hall. “This opportunity came about from Dr. Swanson, former Chorale Director at Nyack. She let people know that she was conducting at Carnegie Hall, and I wanted to be a part of it. The program was called Hope Rising and it was an amazing concert. All the musical pieces were encouraging, and inspiring, and about what God is doing. It was needed right now in New York City.” 

Maverick City Music NYC Choir 

Maverick City Music is an American contemporary worship music collective and Katherine was honored to be chosen for their New York City choir. “I was hoping for a while that they would come to NYC. I finally got word that they were holding choir try-outs, I was free that day, and I decided to go for it. No regrets. I was excited for Lincoln Center, but I was a little nervous for this one.” Her training at Nyack shone through, and Katherine nailed the audition. “I sang the soprano part of their Revelation Song, and it went great.” Soon after the audition Katherine received an email confirming her place in the Eastern Region of the choir. She will be going on tour in Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, New Jersey, and Ontario, Canada. Katherine will also be a part of the recording of a Maverick City Music release, which she’s very excited about. Katherine harkens back to her time at Nyack as a huge stepping stone for her.

Foundation Formed at Nyack

Katherine appreciates that Nyack is more than the four walls of a classroom. “I didn’t realize all of the opportunities that I would have to grow both spiritually and professionally. The music professors were so full of wisdom. They were like musical parents.” It wasn’t just the music courses that left a mark on Katherine. “I also loved the spiritual formation class. The worship nights edified me and helped me grow as a person. I’m a more whole person for society, family, church. This is bigger than us, it’s all for the glory of God.  It was such an amazing transformation, and it was everything that I needed.” 

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For the full interview with Katherine Class tune into WNYK Warrior Radio on Wednesday, June 8, at 12:00 p.m. 

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