Join Us in Supporting Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary

March 14, 2022

Pray for Ukraine FLAGIn the midst of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary (UETS), a partner seminary of Nyack, is currently in dire need. UETS’s President Ivan Rusyn even conducted chapel service for Nyack in December 2021 and Nyack faculty had planned to travel there to support the school’s counselling program this summer until the war started.


UETS continues to minister throughout these challenging times. They moved hundreds of people out of war zones and delivered food and medicine to people in hiding. They report that many people have vowed to attend the seminary following the cessation of the war due to the kindness showed to them.

Fortunately, the entire campus was evacuated following a period where students and faculty had to hide in the campus’s basements. Rocket fire is still visible over the top of the campus. President Rusyn’s apartment was destroyed by shelling and there was considerable damage to the UETS as well. He is currently in a shelter with only two changes of clothes and one pair of shoes. The campus was again shelled today with doors and windows being blown out and the library, cafeteria, and engineering facilities taking damage.

If you wish to aid the UETS during this time of challenge donate through Nyack’s website. The donations should be designated as for the Ukraine Fund or Ukraine Seminary Assistance. Donations over $100 will be accepted and will be tax-deductible. The donations will go towards repairs to the campus and relief to students, faculty, and staff displaced by the war and humanitarian aid. Students and staff are ministering to the hurting, delivering food and medicine to those in the worst hot spots, and organizing evacuations.

Our goal is to raise $50,000.

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