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In Concert: Alliance University School of Music Faculty

October 18, 2022

Music lovers alert!

SOM FACULTY CONCERTThe Alliance University School of Music Faculty Gala Concert will take place on the 2 Washington Street campus in New York City, Thursday, October 20 at 6:30 PM in the Miovski and Mansfield Families Music Hall (22nd floor; Room 2241).

The performance will also be available on Zoom.

Zoom link:  https://bit.ly/3MID7Op

Meeting ID: 929 2100 4616

Passcode: 614340

In person or virtually, join the campus community!  You’ll see and hear firsthand the extraordinary men and women who turn our exceptional music students into gifted professional musicians.

Schubert to Sondheim. Sonatas to smooth jazz. Mezzo soprano to tenor to bass. There will be something for everyone to enjoy!



Featured Performers

Marta Bedlowska-Reilly
Terry Greene
Peter Holsberg
Chris Hughes
Byung Kook Kwak
Christina Lamberti
Glauco Lima
Tammy Lum
Clifford Smith
Dana Talley
Sue Lane Talley
Margrit Zimmermann

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