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Honoring the Commitment of Colleagues

August 15, 2022

When a career becomes a calling, years of service can quickly turn to decades.

Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary are grateful for the selfless work of four individuals who will conclude their tenure as full-time employees this year. Proving that departing does not come easy, all four will continue to serve on a reduced schedule to continue serving or to on board and train new hires.

RESIZED beeman gregBDr. Greg Beeman has served Nyack for 17 years. First hired as a full-time Associate Registrar in 2004, he will conclude his role as full-time Director of Institutional Research. He will continue on staff during a transitional period to offer training and the wealth of his expertise. An ATS alumnus, he earned his Doctor of Ministry in 2018.



RESIZED boronow gordon BDr. Gordon Boronow, hired in 2008, as an assistant professor and entrepreneurial mentor in the School of Business & Leadership has taught courses in economics and finance. He is the author of Production, Property & Power: Making Sense of the Economy.  He also is an op-ed contributor and journalist for Christian Post, a Washington, D.C.-based publication. Dr. Boronow will transition to an adjunct status.



RESIZED buel kevin BMr. Kevin Buel, a 34-year-veteran employee and Nyack alumnus joined the Nyack staff in 1988 as a systems manager. Shortly after he became Director of Information Services. He will continue as a part-time employee with the IT Department. Read more about Kevin’s longstanding relationship with his alma mater and how he demonstrates his heart for serving and mentoring.



talley dana BDr. Dana Talley, voice performance professor, began his role in the School of Music as an applied teacher in 2002 and soon became part-time faculty as enrollment of voice students increased. In 2004, he was an Associate Professor who was promoted to Associate Professor. He concludes his total of 20 ½ years in the School of Music and will continue to teach a class each semester.



Gratitude is extended for the loyalty and the longevity of their relationship with Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary–and most importantly, for their dedicated support of the students.



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