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Face Book … the Josh Way

January 19, 2022

Many people know Joshua Way as the Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary Webmaster. Others know this “behind-the-scenes” man as a talented illustrator and cartoonist. If you have the pleasure of conversing with Josh, you’ll quickly appreciate his special brand of humor and detect another gift—comedy writing.

Notwithstanding his scholarly interests, the 2014 ATS Bible Literature alumnus, who graduated with honors and distinction, has tapped into his right-brained passion and self-published his first book, 100 Faces: Volume 1. Like so many people navigating the life-altering experience of a global pandemic, it became the optimal time to pursue his longstanding hobby.

100 Faces“I’ve drawn cartoons and illustrations all my life, but in 2021, I became more interested in exploring my potential as an artist and started working hard on improving my skills. I invested in an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, took a few online art classes, and started drawing every day.”

Why faces? “I used to draw comics,” Josh explains, “but they were of limited appeal and I got bogged down doing everything myself – writing, drawing, coloring, publishing online, etc. I burned out quickly on those projects, so I decided to simplify my approach and focus on the one thing I love more than anything else – drawing faces with recognizable expressions and emotions. I draw notable, familiar, and funny people because it’s an easy way to connect with other people through my art. And it just makes me happy.”

If the pursuit of happiness is among Josh’s goals, it’s no surprise that Jim Henson and the Muppets are his favorites to sketch.

With no shortage of people – from celebrity types to the rest of us, “Faces for Volume 2 are already stacking up!” Followers can also look forward to another book series Josh has in the works called Movie Sketchbook. “I’d love to draw some face for anyone who’s interested!” And yes, he’s available for commissions.


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