Academically Excellent

Dr. Steven Notley | Still Digging Up Biblical History

June 28, 2022

Academic excellence at Nyack College is about more than delivering textbook knowledge to students. Faculty bring their personal expertise and scholarship to the classroom–on the ground or virtually.

Scholars like Nyack’s Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins, Dr. R. Steven Notley are often cited in the media. This week, he is featured in the digital publication, “Searching for the Lost Biblical City of Bethsaida,” keeps the excitement of the El Araj Excavation Project in the spotlight. Since 2016,  Dr. Notley has served as academic advisor of this archaeological dig in Israel that has over the years provided experiential  learning for Nyack students. 

Dr. Notley, who is also Department of Biblical and Theological Studies Chair at Nyack, heads to Israel in July to resume excavation with his colleague, Dr. Mordechai Aviam of Kinneret Academic College in Israel and his students for one week. He will also work with project volunteers July 24-August 4.



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