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Developing Emerging Leaders | Jonathan Springer, M.Div.

June 3, 2022

It’s been said that real leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders! What better population to be developed for leadership than young men and women?

ATS alumnus, Jonathan Springer has consistently lived out his passion for serving young people since his teen years. No surprise that his gift was recognized, when in his 20’s, he was selected to lead the youth ministry in his home church. His leadership skills are still being affirmed today. At the 2022 hooding ceremony, he was presented with the 2022 David A. Denyer Award, named for a legendary ATS faculty member who touched the lives of innumerable students.

“God gave me a passion for youth and the role of education in holistic ministry. I’m also an advocate for education justice as I believe the Church needs to be at the forefront of educational renewal, particularly in our nation’s urban school systems,” says the New York City Department of Education secondary school teacher who has served in public schools for a decade. Generous with sharing his knowledge and experience, Jonathan has also invested in others as a mentor in the Teacher Opportunity Corps program at Brooklyn College, encouraging pre-service teachers from underserved and underrepresented backgrounds.

Ministry and leadership are legendary in his family of preachers and educators. His father’s church, Ebenezer Gospel Tabernacle of Harlem, is where he currently serves as a minister of music, leader of youth ministry and instructor in Christian education.

Jonathan says, “I believe God has called all His people to lead in their own giftings and callings in the local church context and beyond. Helping my church adopt an “enabling shared leadership” model for our church, I also plan to lead youth and young adults and encourage them to participate in both incarnational and service-oriented ministry addressing felt needs and spiritual needs of the community of Harlem.”

Considering a seminary education at ATS? Take heed to Jonathan’s advice.

“Immerse yourself in the diversity of cultures and theological traditions that you will encounter. Immerse yourself in the student community and worship environment. Take advantage of the opportunities and services offered. My journey at ATS was transformative, as I gained much wisdom, knowledge, encouragement and guidance from fellow students and faculty that I will take with me into my current ministry context.”

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