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David Pletincks: A Heart Fully Committed to Him

June 6, 2023

The front page of Alliance University’s website states, “Our institutional values are integral to fulfilling the mission of seeing our graduates go on to lead lives of purpose and service to others, continuing the legacy of our founder.” It always gives us great pleasure to bring you highlights from the lives of our alums. Today we introduce you to Nyack graduate, David Pletincks, who has modeled the school’s mission and shown what it means to live a transformed life by taking the whole gospel to the whole world.

In 1964, David completed his studies at Nyack College and dedicated himself to fulfilling his calling, faithfully serving wherever he was led. Whether as a pastor or a worship leader, David has served at Alliance churches in Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida. Reflecting on his journey, he fondly recalls the 1960 Spring Missions Conference in his home Alliance church in Western PA, during his freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh. The conference featured C&MA missionaries Ed and Ruth Thompson, who would tragically become martyrs in Vietnam in 1968. It was during this gathering that David made a profound commitment to follow Jesus, surrendering himself to be sent wherever he was needed. It was September of that year he transferred to Nyack College, where he would not only encounter his future wife during freshman orientation but also launch into his ultimate life’s purpose.

Following graduation, David jumped headfirst into pastoral ministry until he was given the opportunity to rejoin the Nyack community from 1983 to 2001, having desired to be able to work with college students. For eleven years, he served as the VP/Dean of Students and then Chaplain for seven years. When asked about this rich season of ministry, David recalled, “Someone who knew me downtown, at Simpson Church, said, “You think the students like you, but when you become Dean of Students, they’re not going to like you because you’re the disciplinarian.” And I said, “That means that a father can never be liked by his children because he’s a disciplinarian. I don’t agree with that. I believe that if a father loves his children, he’s going to discipline them. But he loves them preeminently; that’s the first thing.” I really loved the students and I believe that was the foundation of my ministry with them. I was also honored to have the opportunity to do several student weddings every summer.  During the years I also had the opportunity to interact with students on a deep, intimate and personal level in hundreds of counseling sessions. To be able to do that with students and see the Lord set them free was truly incredible. They would come into my office with weight on their shoulders, and I literally had students say, “I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.” That’s what I love. But that was an opportunity for ministry that I wanted to have. Yeah, and the Lord gave me that, obviously. I’m thankful to Him for that.”

David retired from the ministry in 2017 and continues to be an ardent supporter of Nyack College (now Alliance University). When asked how he would challenge this year’s graduates, he quoted Second Chronicles 16:9 (KJV), “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth to prove himself strong through one whose heart is perfect toward him.” He added, “I would challenge them to be one whose heart is perfect toward him (God). And no matter what ministry or life work you do as a school teacher or whatever, you could be an awesome person for the Lord to show himself strong through you. My heart aches for children and students, and it is my prayer that the Lord could show Himself strong through you, no matter what life work you go into. No matter where the Lord leads you, He wants to prove himself strong through you, as your heart is perfect toward Him.”


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