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Dale Richardson’s 180° Turn to Living 100% for Christ

March 7, 2022

Dale Richardson didn’t have a Damascus Road experience that left him temporarily blinded like the biblical account of the Apostle Paul. Instead an eye-opening question—“What’s worth more than God?”—posed by the pastor of a Caribbean church pierced his heart and caused him to surrender his life to the Lord on November 20, 2011. That began his 180-degree turn from his former life as an MC with a neon yellow mohawk reveling in the boisterous club and dance hall scene.

Alpus Photo Dale R

Dale “Skerrit Bwoy” Richardson

Though he gave up that lifestyle and the income stream from performing at venues around the world, Dale did not abandon his love for music nor his passion for deejaying. After coming to Christ, Dale says he was disenchanted with traditional church music. His hard-hitting up-tempo music was a style that was absent on the Christian circuit and he saw this as void could fill introducing elements of electronic dance music, pop, dance hall, and high energy soca. He began to produce music for a Christian audience.

Demonstrating his sincerity for honing his craft, at Nyack College he earned an associate in art degree in music and an interdisciplinary bachelor of science in music and pastoral ministry, graduating summa cum laude in both degree programs and as a member of the New York State Pi Chapter of Alpha Chi National Honor Society.

This month, the 2019 Nyack alumnus released his debut electric gospel album, Jesus Party Volume 1. He shares this is the first of what will be a three-volume series with each collection featuring 11 tracks, (emphasizing one for each disciple of Christ minus Judas).

During his time at Nyack, Dale’s talent for stirring an audience led to him being the featured deejay at the 2016 LIFE conference for Alliance teens held in Orlando, FL and at the 2019 conference in Kansas City, MO. He also graced the stage of Nyack’s City on a Hill Music Festival in 2015. In 2017, he was a deejay at the Borderline Music Festival at Boulders Stadium, a two-day concert that featured Christian recording artists like Unspoken, Kutless, Travis Greene, Dave Pettigrew and several others including Nyack’s Gospel Choir.

While Dale made the decision to dedicate his craft to Christ, he explains why he retained the stage name of Skerrit Bwoy. The Antiguan born performer says, Skerrit was a place in my country that was a home for the “unwanted” youth who had a street reputation. Ultimately, I kept the name as a reminder of where I came from and also a reminder that God loves us all including the so-called “unwanted.” Actually, He loves the unwanted the most.”


Photo credit: Eleazer Rodriguez and Aplus Photography

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