Alumni Highlights

Celebrating the Testimonies of Transformed Lives

July 18, 2022

“When I’m in a Nyack College class, I’m not in prison.”
–Fishkill Correctional Facility student

Those words speak volumes about why friends, alumni, faculty, trustees, churches, organizations and foundations are a growing alliance of stakeholders. They are generous supporters of Nyack’s mission to deliver degree programs with the distinctive of personal transformation.

The student quoted exemplified what takes place on the Nyack College Beacon campus at Fishkill Correctional Facility.  In the process of earning their associate’s or bachelor’s degrees, these students alter their perspective on life and many prepare for and are empowered for successful re-entry into their communities.

Nyack students come from such diverse socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds and from all levels of college preparation. Some of the hardest working, highest performing students began their college experience at our Beacon campus at Fishkill. Upon re-entry into their communities, these men are eager to applaud the impact education has had on their lives.

No one can express gratitude for the Fishkill experience better than alumni like the following.

“Nyack College has completely changed the trajectory of my life. It is a throwback to a time when people would come to prison and they would leave better people than when they came in.” –Keith

“Anybody who believes in Christ and wants an education, this is the way to go. I just hope that for years to come we still have these opportunities available to us. It has helped many men change their lives in the prison system. So imagine what it’s doing for them in society. I’m a living example of it.” –Shameek

“Having professors come in and treat us like we were people was something amazing. I recommend Nyack College to everyone who wants to be somebody.” –Efrain

“A friend was enrolled in Nyack and convinced me to enroll. I earned an AA with magna cum laude honors. Soon I will launch an organization for teenagers to keep them off the streets.” –Cheyenne

“Nyack College is a big help to keep guys on track and give them tools to work with when they get out [of prison]. You see guys who are not educated and then they start to learn. It’s like, Wow! I’m a part of this!” –Steve

It may be difficult to imagine such a hunger for education that it literally transports a student to a state of freedom—even before release from prison. The 0% recidivism rate of Nyack’s Fishkill program alumni is well worth the return on investment in transforming lives.

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