Bhatt Foundation, Inc. Donates Generously to Nyack College

December 10, 2021

“The most useful and influential people in America
are those who take the deepest interest in institutions
that exist for the purpose of making the world better.”
–Booker T. Washington, Tuskegee University president,
author and U.S. presidential adviser.

Washington’s words are exemplified by the recent alliance of two influential American citizens with an institution established to make the world better. This meeting of like-minded individuals came about this week when President Rajan and Mrs. Grace Mathews, joined by Nyack administrators, welcomed Mr. Hitesh and Mrs. Kimmie Bhatt of the Bhatt Foundation, Inc. to the Nyack College campus in Manhattan.

(left to right: Vice President of Church Relations/Dean of the Chapel, Dr. Charles Hammond; Dean of Alliance Graduate School of Counseling, Dr. Antoinette Gines-Rivera; Bhatt Foundation President and Quality System Specialist in the pharmaceutical industry, Mrs. Kimmie Bhatt; Bhatt Foundation CEO and Founder, Hitesh Bhatt; Nyack President Rajan Mathews; Mrs. Grace Mathews and Director of ATS Admissions and Interim Director of all Graduate School Programs, Mr. Lesly Milord)

When President Mathews received communication about the Bhatt Foundation donation of medical grade antimicrobial keyboards, facial masks and hand sanitizer to Nyack College, the philanthropic gesture was gratefully acknowledged in a response to Hitesh Bhatt.

“As an institution that prides itself on meeting the needs of students who are often left out of the mainstream of opportunity,” the Nyack president commented, “may I say your gift has particular resonance for us, as we attempt to meet the needs of our students.”

Since the non-profit organization’s founding in 2015, husband and wife, Hitesh and Kimmie Bhatt have fulfilled their mission of “improving global healthcare and education through innovation,” in nations including the United States, India, Canada, Honduras, Bolivia, Mali, Kenya and Ethiopia by providing innovative technology and education solutions to the disadvantaged peoples of the world.

The Bhatts have been instrumental in helping Hackensack Meridian Health Systems in New Jersey raise thousands of dollars in support of the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital, an acute care pediatric hospital at Hackensack University Medical Center. Among other philanthropic initiatives, they have provided technology to schools in India where more than 1,000 children have access to education and meals at no cost. The Foundation is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by ensuring that children are educated and acquire marketable skills and a vision for their future.

It was an undeniable demonstration that strength comes from joining forces with people of similar vision. Because of Bhatt Foundation Board Member, Dr. Antoinette Gines-Rivera, the Bhatts extended such generosity towards Nyack College. Dr. Gines-Rivera was introduced to Hitesh Bhatt, an innovative technology leader and adviser to C-suite executives, by a mutual colleague who knew of their common interest in outreach to Honduras.

In fact, Dr. Gines-Rivera explains, “We collaborated on my Global Service-Learning trip to Honduras, “Counseling in the Global Context,” for AGSC students with Hitesh’s trip to Roatan, Honduras. My students and I flew into Tegucigalpa to do our counseling work. Hitesh arranged for us to fly to the Honduran island to meet dignitaries like the mayor, governor and hospital officials. I was also invited to appear on a television program where I shared about Nyack College.”

A four-year member of the Bhatt Foundation Board, “Dr. Toni,” as she is fondly known in the campus community, and one other Bhatt Board member were selected to receive a delivery of the medical grade keyboards at the institutions where they each serve.

“I love the kind and generous hearts of Hitesh and Kimmie. They are a couple that thinks first of the needs of others before themselves,” says Dr. Toni. “They live lives exemplary of compassion and good stewardship, knowing this to be God’s holy formula for giving. I am confident that the Lord continuously blesses them in all they do in the world for Kingdom purpose.”


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