Alliance University Students Set to Embark on a Cultural Adventure to Italy in 2023

March 23, 2023

Students from Alliance University are eagerly gearing up for a unique and enriching trip abroad to Italy in the spring of 2023. The Global Learning tour will take place from May 10 through 26 and will see students explore the historic and picturesque cities of Venice and Siena, Italy. This trip has been organized and conducted for over a dozen years and offers participants a fascinating blend of history, art, and modern culture.

Led by experienced faculty members Dr. David Turk, Dr. Sue Talley, and Dr. Dana Talley, the eager students will depart New York shortly after graduation, when the Italian weather is at its most enticing. This two-week adventure promises to be an unforgettable and educational journey, providing students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich history and artistic heritage of these captivating Italian cities.

In addition to experiencing some of the greatest historical and artistic achievements of Italy, Alliance University students will also get the chance to explore the country’s twenty-first-century art and music landscape. This unique fusion of the past and present makes the Global Learning tour an exceptional and transformative journey for these students as they prepare for the future.

Overall, the trip will provide the participants with an immersive and engaging experience that combines learning, exploration, and cultural understanding. As students return home with newfound knowledge, unforgettable memories, and cherished friendships, they will undoubtedly be left with a profound appreciation for the unmatched beauty and rich history of Italy.

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