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2021 Commencement Week Spotlight: Seong Min Nam, BS Pastoral Ministry

May 8, 2021

Seong Min Nam set her sights on leadership well before she received her Bachelor of Science at the Nyack College School of Bible and Christian Ministry. The pastoral ministry major graduated summa cum laude and has plans to pursue her Master of Divinity.

Born in Daegu, South Korea and now a resident of Queens, NY, Seong Min enrolled at Nyack in 2019 and before the fall season began she stepped up to the plate and became president of the Student Government Association (SGA).

After attending the student orientation, she shares, “I knew I wanted to participate in the Student Government Association. I have taken on numerous leadership roles in the past; however, this is the first time I was supported by a team of Christians who are selflessly willing to wrestle with conflicts and walk our lives together.”

Seong Min learned about the college from alumni of Alliance Theological Seminary. “I was drawn to the institution’s diversity, Christ-centric community, and the promise of personal transformation, spiritual growth, and deep understanding of the Bible. I was sure that God called me to this transformative and influential institution.”

As with most students who have been fully engaged in campus life—academically, spiritually and socially—Seong Min says “I am unrecognizable compared to who I was two years ago. Since 2019, I have grown as a scholar and as a child of God. I used to live my life as if I were a racehorse with blinders. I used to perform and package myself in futile gift-wrapping and ribbons before God and others. I was deeply wounded from my past. I have learned to unravel myself before the Father daily and to step into His divine light every moment. I am walking a path of healing and intimacy with Him.”

She also leaves Nyack with a deep appreciation for the sense of community. “The unique fellowship that is present at Nyack is what sets this college and seminary apart from anywhere else. I will treasure memories with professors in classroom settings.”

What touched her even more about the commitment of faculty and staff to students is the care and concern taken when the pandemic forced a sudden shift to remote learning.

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for all the faculty who, over the past year, have tried their best to bring normalcy to such unforeseen circumstances. All the professors I have met over the past three years at Nyack, truly cared about my spiritual and emotional well-being.”

For Seong Min, her undergraduate studies with the emphasis on integrating faith, learning and spiritual formation has allowed her to experience Nyack’s mission, which has been unchanged since 1882. The Gospel message is still being lived out through the living epistles—our alumni—who are sharing God’s word across our nation and around the world.

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