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2021 Commencement Week Spotlight: Dr. Valerie Althouse, D.Min.

May 6, 2021

Dr. Valerie Althouse owns an impressive curriculum vitae that includes a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in biblical studies. She is a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and holds a certificate from New York University in Leading Religious Diversity in Higher Education. She is a Spiritual Life Advisor at New York University, where she founded the English Connections program for international students and is a team leader of CoMovement, a network of faith-based groups that work with international students in New York City.

At International Students, Inc. (ISI), active on more than 900 campuses in the U.S., is an organization of staff and volunteers that helps international students adjust to American culture, she is currently the NYC Area Director. Effective June 1, she will become the ISI Northern Mid-Atlantic Director.

Alliance Theological Seminary was her choice for taking her accomplishments to another level by enrolling in the Doctor of Ministry program. On what distinguishes the ATS degree, she says, “Few D.Min. programs combine a deeper level of personal and spiritual growth with equipping for a global, multicultural ministry context.”

The ATS D.Min. also offers a concentration in Christian Leadership in the Global Context. The program is multi-cultural, international and based in an urban location. Current students and alumni represent more than forty countries and culture groups. This is a profile that aligns perfectly with her ISI role.

“ISI shares the love of Christ with the over one million international students studying in the U.S. each year,” Dr. Althouse explains. “The NYC Metro area alone has more international students than any other metro area in the country! Within that role I oversee, coach and train staff, recruit new staff and catalyze new ministry or church partnerships, and relate with universities. Missions speaking and training is regularly part of my ministry.”

“My desire for a doctorate was always related to my desire to teach others. A higher degree opens doors that would enable me to pour into the next generation, inspiring them to both know Christ deeply as well as live missionally and reach the nations for Christ,” she shares. “I was also attracted to the elements of the program at ATS because it was geared toward both leadership and service in a global context.”

Dr. Althouse has had a view from both sides of the professor’s podium. In addition to her Seminary studies, she is a member of the ATS adjunct faculty who teaches in the areas of missions and evangelism.

“My doctoral dissertation research related to missions mobilization in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural context. My hope is threefold: to write a book; start to teach or podcast on this idea; and most importantly, to help launch a more globalized missions mobilization curriculum that would enable all people to see themselves involved in the work of sharing Christ within their own cultural networks but also beyond.”

So, what will Dr. Althouse remember most about her D.Min. journey?

“The many, many, many long hours I put into my dissertation!! But in all seriousness, it would be a combination of the Soul Care course with Dr. Rob Reimer and enjoying the teaching of Pastor Edmund Chan.”
Arriving at ATS with a wealth of experience and knowledge for leading, Dr. Althouse personifies an individual’s courage to ask God to expand opportunities to serve Him.
“I could say that the ATS environment of thinking bigger and dreaming that God may use you in a way beyond your imagination was inspiring for me! And as a woman in ministry, I was most certainly included in this and challenged to think bigger.”

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