At Alliance University, we prepare mental health professionals for work in a variety of contexts. Our biblically grounded program combines a Christian woldview with sound counseling principles.

Our Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy provides a comprehensive academic and training foundation for students seeking to become clinicians in mental health settings where they will provide therapy for individuals, couples, and families.

At Alliance University, we train Christian specialists to provide prevention, intervention, and healing. We also focus on personal transformation that facilitates the personal and relational growth of our students.

This program meets the educational requirements for licensure as a marriage and family therapist in New York State. Graduates are eligible to seek employment towards meeting the supervised experience required for licensure.

At a Glance



3-4 Years

Standard Completion Time


Specialized Accreditation

Why Study Marriage and Family Therapy at AGSC?

The Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy program at Alliance University offers the following benefits:

  • A deeper and broader theory base than most other graduate programs
  • A faith-based program
  • Clinical exposure
  • Diversity among students and faculty

Clinical Exposure

Diverse Academic Community

Spiritual Integration

About the Degree

What Will I Study?

Our MFT program is a biblically grounded, Christian program that focuses on the dynamics of individual, interpersonal, family, marital/couple, and parent/child relationships.

At AGSC, we give students broad exposure to the field of MFT as well as more detailed exposure to areas of specialization that they can go into. We have psycho-educational prevention classes as well as upper level courses that are typically taught in doctoral programs. Students can study areas of specialization in MFT such as play therapy, sex therapy, and medical family therapy.

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, students can work in faith-based counseling agencies, Christian organizations, and church settings as a pastor or director of a family life ministry that focuses on enrichment programming with some counseling.

Upon obtaining their MFT license, our students are prepared to work in both faith-based and community-based counseling agencies as well as hospitals and schools.

Our Graduates

Graduates of our MFT program are grounded in Christian principles that are integrated with foundational marriage and family theory and practice. They are prepared to work in a wide range of faith-based and non-faith-based academic and non-academic settings, delivering care from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective for individuals, couples, and families.

A number of our former students are now working as educators or pastors. More that fifty percent are pursuing their license or are already licensed and practicing as marriage and family therapists. We also have several students who are currently (or will soon be) in a doctoral program.



“I cannot overstate how superior the program at AGSC was. The classes were both stimulating and rigorous; the environment was very supportive; and the hours of operation and internship helped to flesh out what we were learning in the classroom and really prepared me for the ‘real world’ of counseling. I am thriving today due to the education I received at AGSC.”

Steve Dorsey

Class of 2014

Meet Key Faculty

Dr. Andrew Mercurio

Program Director and Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

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Dr. Tesia Wells

Marriage and Family Therapy Internship Director and Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

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