Why Study Counseling at Alliance University?

At Alliance University, we care deeply about our students and invest in their personal and professional growth. Our goal is to help our students become mental health counselors who are emotionally mature, intellectually sound, and professionally competent.

Our graduate-level counseling programs are practical, rigorous, and comprehensive. Each one has been designed to meet the academic requirements for a professional license.

At Alliance University, our curriculum combines the study of mental health with a Christian worldview. Additionally, our students benefit from being in a diverse community.

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“The Alliance Graduate School of Counseling completely change my life. They broadened my view of God, people, the world, and life. Every encounter and experience I had was nurturing spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and educationally. The program not only blessed me, but it gave me many opportunities to be a blessing to others.”

Francine Ott

Class of 2016

“I cannot overstate how superior the program at AGSC was. The classes were both stimulating and rigorous; the environment was very supportive; and the hours of operation and internship helped to flesh out what we were learning in the classroom and really prepared me for the ‘real world’ of counseling. I am thriving today due to the education I received at AGSC.”

Steve Dorsey

Class of 2014

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Located in the heart of Lower Manhattan, Alliance University offers students a one-of-a-kind educational experience. AU’s campus extends beyond the classrooms to engage the entire city providing students with limitless opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.

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