Foundations for Ministry

Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) is committed to developing men and women for service to others in ministries of their calling. Across all programs, ATS fosters spiritual growth, discernment, and formation – equipping students for a lifetime of ministry. Grow in your personal knowledge of God, His work in the world, and His desire for the expansion of the Gospel and His Church.

If you want to discover how your call to ministry can be a transformational experience, consider furthering your education at ATS.


Thank you for your interest in attending ATS! To make sure it’s an easy process, follow the steps below or download this checklist to walk through our application process.

1. Complete Application

The first step is to submit an application.

Through our application platform, our admissions counselors are available to answer any questions you may have during the process. Additionally, be sure to check out our FAQs accessible anytime while you are filling out the application.

There is a $30 application fee.

2. Submit Documents

In addition to your application, please submit the following documents:

Read through the Application Checklist for program-specific requirements.

For international students, there are additional documents that will need to be filed per United States Federal Code and Regulations. For more information, visit here.

3. Acceptance

Once all of your application materials are received, the Director of Admissions will notify you of your acceptance status within 3-4 weeks.

4. Complete FAFSA

You’ve been accepted! We can’t wait for you to join us.

The next step is to complete the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to see if you qualify for any federal, state, or institutional aid.

Once it’s been completed, we will generate a financial aid assessment and will notify you of your eligibility.

In the meantime, visit Scholarships & Grants as well as Financial Aid to explore the various funding options available.

5. Immunization Record

If you will be attending classes on campus, please submit the following form:

Students who have not received the meningitis vaccine can choose to waive it here: 

For medical and religious exemptions, including the COVID-19 vaccine, please contact your admissions counselor.

Note: These forms are not required for online students.

Christ-Centered, Ministry-Focused Programs

ATS proudly offers a range of ministry-focused degree programs designed for those seeking to deepen their biblical knowledge and engage in practical ministry. Our students are both ethnically and denominationally diverse, representing every major ethnic community and denomination in New York City. This powerful diversity is unique to ATS and enriches the learning experience for personal, theological, and practical components of ministry.

Looking to increase your ministry’s effectiveness? Consider pursuing a degree through ATS!

Seminary Programs

Visit Alliance Theological Seminary

Interested in attending classes at our New York City campus? We invite you to visit and experience our vibrant and diverse community! ATS is intentional about cultivating a supportive environment for students to grow in their faith, develop leadership skills, and be empowered for ministry. Tour our campus, meet with program directors, and learn more about how ATS can assist you in answering your call to ministry.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I attended ATS in the past but didn’t finish my degree. How do I apply for readmission?

Are you returning to ATS after previously withdrawing from your program? If so, please note the following readmission guidelines:

Less than one calendar year:

  • If you’ve been absent less than one calendar year, you can re-enroll through the Registrar’s Office. The calendar year is determined by the last month you attended class and the first month you plan to start.

More than one calendar year:

  • If you’ve been absent more than one calendar year, you must submit the application for readmission, a pastor’s recommendation, and official transcripts of other schools attended during your absence.

More than seven years:

  • If you’ve been absent for more than seven years, you will need to repeat the entire application process and reorder all transcripts.

Does ATS offer scholarships and grants?

Yes! To explore our scholarships and grants, visit here.

Once your application is complete, your admissions counselor will inform you of your eligibility. Most scholarships and grants are needs-based and require that the student be full-time (minimum of 9 credits per semester).

Can I work full-time and still attend classes?

The flexibility of the ATS schedule makes it possible for students to work full-time and continue to work while attending classes.

To better accommodate our working students, classes are often available online, in the evenings, and on weekends.

Are there housing options available?

Yes! If you are a full-time student who relocated to attend ATS, there is housing available in our Jersey City residence hall.

To learn more about our residential housing, visit here.