At Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS), you can receive a master’s degree in Biblical Literature with an emphasis on either the Old Testament or the New Testament. The purpose of the Biblical Literature degree is to provide students with a strong biblical and theological foundation for continued research at the doctoral level and professional opportunities.

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2 Years

Standard Completion Time



Why Study Biblical Literature at ATS?

ATS offers a unique blend of socio-cultural, historical, and exegetical investigation of scripture and Christian concerns throughout the world taught by faculty who have significant intercultural or church-focused experience. In addition:

  • Students learn how to interpret the testament of their choice in the appropriate biblical language and how to use original language Bible software for research, teaching, and professional development.
  • Students are challenged to engage the ideas and concerns of international scholarship and equipped to enter competently and thoughtfully into the theological conversations taking place around the world.
  • Students are taught to apply strategic questioning to exegetical investigations with the goal of ascertaining not only what a text meant when it was written, but also what it continues to mean for the changing contexts of the twenty-first century.

Intercultural Experience

In-Depth Learning

Historical Emphasis

About the Degree

What Will I Study?

  • Students will build a historical and cultural framework for interpreting the Bible in general, and their testament of emphasis in particular.
  • Students will gain a command of the formation, content, and critical questions related to the literature of their testament of emphasis.
  • Students will learn how to trace the development of biblical theology as a discipline and to understand recent theological approaches to their testament of emphasis.
  • Students will be able to employ solid exegetical and hermeneutical methodology in interpreting the text of their testament of emphasis.

Career Opportunities

Our master’s degree in Biblical Literature prepares students for further doctoral studies, which in turn is preparation for a career in teaching biblical studies (whether in higher education, church, or secondary school settings).

Our Graduates

Our graduates have gone on to serve and minister in a variety of contexts, with many pursuing Ph.D. studies and teaching in colleges and seminaries.

Specialized Accreditors


  • Old Testament
  • New Testament


“The Old Testament program gave me in-depth insights into the culture of ancient Israel; and the passion and perspective of my professors applied those insights to modern-day ministry.”

Stephanie Babu

Class of 2015

“The constant stirring of the heart, the encounters with God, and the intense hunger to dive deeper into scripture gave me a love for the master’s program at ATS.”

Ravan Cottrell

Class of 2015

Meet Key Faculty

Dr. Louis DeCaro Jr.

Associate Professor of Church History

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