The following is intended to disclose to consumers and constituents information in accordance with the Higher Education Act of 1965 (as amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008), Campus Security/Clery Act, Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act, and other compliances associated with accreditation.

This information is distributed to students and other constituents generally through this website and is distributed to all enrolled students one-to-one via email distribution within the first 2 weeks of each academic year.

Statement on Misrepresentation

It is the goal of Alliance University to not misrepresent itself to a student, prospective student, the family of an enrolled or prospective student, or the Department of Education. Misrepresentation, as defined by the Department of Education, is any false, erroneous, or misleading statement made to any of the parties mentioned above.

General Institutional Information

Student Financial Assistance

Policies and Procedures

  • See the Alliance University Catalog for the following Policies and Procedures (search Catalog pdf as quoted below):
    • “Transfer of Credit Policies”
    • “Articulation Agreements” for Transferring In
    • “Credit Hour Policy” & Procedures
    • “Attendance Policies” & Procedures
    • “Leave of Absence Policy” & Procedures
    • “Plagiarism Policy” & Sanctions
    • “Student Identity Verification and Privacy in Online Courses”
    • “Grievance Policy and Complaint Processes” (General Institutional)
      • Policy and Procedures for Non-Academic Complaints
      • Policies and Procedures for Academic Complaints
      • Contact Information for Accreditors for questions, inquiries, or grievances related to accreditors’ standards and policies can be found in the Catalog by searching “Accreditation and Approvals”
    • Refunds and Withdrawals Policy
    • Satisfactory Academic Progress Policiy
  • Privacy of Student Records (FERPA)

Health and Safety

Intercollegiate Athletic Program

Teacher Preparation

Student Outcomes

  • See the Institutional Research Fact Book for the following outcomes (search Fact Book pdf as quoted below), or see the Stats page for retention/graduation rates only:
    • “Retention Rates”
    • “Graduation Rates”
    • “Transfer-out Rate”
  • Licensure Pass Rates & Job Placement Rates for Graduates
    • MA Marriage and Family Therapy (PDF)
    • School of Education programs (PDF)
    • BS Nursing (scroll down to Bachelors Degree Programs, Nyack College)
    • MSW Social Work (ASWB) – not posted; graduate test takers <10
    • Alumni Survey Results (2019 Graduates):
      • 81.1% of undergraduates reported FT or PT employment
      • 83.1% of undergraduates reported jobs related to their majors
      • 83.7% of graduates reported FT or PT employment
      • 83.5% of graduates reported jobs related to their majors

Voter Registration